Logo Fortaleza Inteligente

Logo Projeto – WiFi Público Gratuito
This service provides free wifi hotspots in public crowded places such as squares, parks and bus stops

Logo Projeto - Fortaleza Participa
Interactive environment to increase citizens engagement, through virtual media, in moots and collective projects that can bring good ideas for city social issues

Logo Projeto - Fortaleza Dados Abertos
This project aims encourage innovation with public data free access to apps developers. They can use these data to create city useful services

Fortaleza 156
Through 156 phone number, anyone can ask services, communicate issues or complaints and make hints or compliments in such areas as traffic, pathway maintenance, public lighting and urban sanitation

Casa da Cultura Digital
Digital Culture´s House is a public place facing diffusion and generation in digital culture. It provides spaces for workshops, classes and meetings, besides experiences with games and equipments

Logo Projeto - Fortaleza CitiLab

This project, held for the first time in 2016, fosters partnerships between Fortaleza's City Hall and international universities to use the city as a laboratory to develop researches in different areas.